I'm receiving an error code, why?

Error Codes

JSON or XML Requests

400 Bad Request
  • Required “url” parameter is missing.
  • Either “url” or “urls” parameter is reqiured.
  • Invalid URL format.
  • Invalid “maxheight” parameter.
  • Invalid “maxwidth” parameter.
  • Invalid “urls” parameter, exceeded max count of 20.
401 Unauthorized
403 Forbidden
404 Not Found
URL Not Found, we will log this and determine if usable.
500 Server issues
Embed.ly is having trouble with this url. Please try again or contact us, support@embed.ly.
501 Not Implemented
Not implemented for format: acceptable values are {json or xml}.
503 Service Unavailable
Note: This happens if our service is down, please contact us immediately: support@embed.ly.
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